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  1. Celtic Tree of Life Journal


    This Celtic Tree of Life Journal is a wonderful blank book, perfect for use as a sketch book, or any manner of journal or dairy. The hardbound cover folds over itself upon its front face, sealing closed magnetically with its seam mirror the wavy trunk of the Celtic tree of life design it displays. This design, shown in a golden foil pattern, features a tall, far-reaching canopy mirrored within its deep reaching roots, showing a union between Heaven and Earth.

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  2. $11.99

    Samhain, also known as Halloween is the final spoke in the Wheel of the Year. At this time, the harvest has finished and the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. This guide shows you how to practice the serious work of divination and honoring the dead along with the more lighthearted activities of Halloween.

    • Rituals • Recipes • Lore • Spells • Divination • Crafts • Correspondences • Invocations • Prayers • Meditations

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  3. $8.99
    This Celtic Knotwork Journal is brilliantly popular. The cover of our bestselling Celtic Journal features the intricate knot work and serpentine animal forms of the ancient Celts. Glossy black lacquer effects add polish; raised embossing adds dimension. Learn More
  4. $14.99
    This Celtic Manuscript Journal is magnificent. It is a gloriously intricate journal design evokes the rich Celtic legacy of myth and storytelling. This sophisticated personal diary features gold foil accents, has raised embossed decorations and complementary Celtic motif end sheets. Learn More
  5. $7.99
    Soar on the wings of legendary creatures and take a journey into relaxing creativity! Unwind as you color dragons in sunlit skies and deep blue seas. Bring to life mountain dragons, leafy dragons, fire-breathing dragons, Celtic dragons, crystal dragons, forest dragons--a whole fantastical world for artists and colorists of all abilities. Designs by illustrator Jane Sullivan. Learn More
  6. $19.99

    Jasmine Becket-Griffith's Halloween Coloring Book shares her Halloween dreams with beautiful gothic maidens, magical autumn fairies, characters from Dia de los Muertos, and a fun mix of pumpkins, witches, and skeletons. This coloring book includes fine detail coloring as well as broad patches and fun characters for those who like a simpler approach. Each coloring pattern features an enlightening description of the painting it’s based on and the character depicted to satisfy the curiosity of the artist’s many fans. Printed on premium, heavy stock art paper.

    A world-renowned fantasy artist, Jasmine Becket-Griffith paints with a blend of realism and wide-eyed wonder, exploring gothic themes with elements of classical literature, the occult, nature, and fantasy, and, of course, faeries!

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  7. $15.99

    Just where did the autumn gaiety begin? Let Halloween this book by Silver RavenWolf guide you through the cobwebby corners of time to uncover the history behind Halloween. Honor the spirit of this hallowed harvest holiday with:

    Halloween magick: Prosperity Pumpkin Spell, Corn Husk Dolly, Solitary Harvest Moon Ritual Magickal goodies: Candied Love Apples, Witches’ Brew, Sugar Snakes in Graveyard Dust Halloween myths and superstitions: black cats, scarecrows, pitchforks, witches, ghosts, and haints Divination: Circle of Ashes and Stones, Magick Mirrors, Apple, Pumpkin Seed, and Water Divination Rituals to Honor the Dead: The Dumb Supper, Samhain Fire, Soul Lights, Spirit Rattles and Spirit Bowls

    Witches’ hats and harvest moon Ghosts that dance to haunted tune Apples, goodies, food galore Halloween has this and more!

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  8. Celtic Design Coloring Book

    Our Celtic Design Coloring Book is wonderful. Embrace the Celtic imagination with these complex yet relaxing patterns. Includes a variety of Celtic-inspired patterns, animal motifs, a mermaid, and heroic figures. Designs are printed on only one side of a page -- no bleed-through. Each page is micro-perforated for ease of removal and display of your artwork. Perfect for artists of all levels. Learn More
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    Not sure what to buy for that special gift or occasion for that special someone from The Irish Jewelry Company. Why not give them a Gift Certificate from The Irish Jewelry. Company. Learn More
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    Guinness: An Official Celebration of 250 Remarkable Years is a great read. Discover what gives Guinness that distinct color and flavor and precisely how to pour the perfect pint. Includes 18 Guinness recipes. Learn More

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