About Belleek

Belleek Pottery Ltd. is a porcelain manufacturing firm that started out in business in 1884 as the Belleek Pottery Works Company Ltd. in the town of Belleek, which is located in County Fermanagh, in the region of Ireland that was destined to become Northern Ireland. The plant makes a type of ceramic known as Parian ware, which can be identified by its relative lack of thickness, the surface that is subtly iridescent, and body that is composed of frit in large amounts.

The History Belleek...

Once John Caldwell Bloomfield received the land from his father around the year 1849, pottery production in the Belleek area had its start.

[4] Being an amateur mineralogist and with the intention of providing work opportunities for his tenants, many of whom had been impacted by the Great Famine, he decided to order a geological study of his property. When Bloomfield discovered that the area was abundant in minerals, he decided to form a business partnership with an architect from London named Robert Williams Armstrong and a merchant from Dublin named David McBirney. Bloomfield was successful in having a railway connection constructed to Belleek in order to start a pottery company there. This allowed for the delivery of coal, which was necessary for firing kilns. [4] In the year 1858, construction on the pottery began. In the beginning, Belleek was known for its household products; nevertheless, it wasn't until 1863 that the first successful production of the Parian porcelain for which Belleek is famous even to this day took place. By the year 1865, the company's reputation had grown to such an extent that it could now sell its wares in the United States, as well as in Australia, Canada, England, and Ireland. Among its clients were the Prince of Wales, Queen Victoria, and other members of the aristocracy. [4]

In the latter half of the 19th century, the poet and artist Eugene Sheerin was employed at the Belleek Pottery. The Royal Victoria and Albert Museum in London has a Belleek dish on exhibit that has a replica of his painting "Innocence" (1879).

Situated in the city of Dublin

The Dublin of the 1930s, when the business was established, was a completely different place from the Dublin of today; yet, we have maintained our presence here. Pubs, shops, restaurants, and bars in Dublin are some of the greatest in the world, and the city is also home to some of the best Guinness in the world. This is the city that is home to the illustrious Trinity College, Stephen's Green, the breathtaking Christ Church, and the ancient Dublin Castle, which is also the location where our items are hallmarked. When you purchase Solvar, our family sends a little bit of Dublin, Ireland to yours so that you may enjoy it with your own.