Celtic Wedding Guide

A warm welcome to the Wedding Guides, a collection of informative articles that, in a few simple steps, will take you from the engagement to the honeymoon and all in between. These wedding resources provide advice and suggestions that will ease the preparation process, allowing you to relax and enjoy the moment more fully, regardless of the scale or complexity of the event that you are preparing for. There are plenty of ways for couples who are planning an Irish wedding to add a Celtic flair to all of the aspects of their special day, and there are plenty of ideas covering all of the aspects of weddings, such as selecting an engagement ring, designing a wedding cake, and purchasing gifts for wedding attendants.

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  2. Black Cats and Celtic Lore: The Enchanting Link to Halloween
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  4. The Intricate World of Filigree: A Deep Dive into Its Connection with Celtic Metalwork and Jewelry
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  6. A Complete Guide to Ring Enhancers and Ring Guards
  7. A Ring for Every Style: A Guide to Wedding Ring Design from The Irish Jewelry Company
  8. Embrace Irish Heritage with These 5 Timeless Irish Wedding Rings
  9. Romantic Ireland - Irish Leap Day Proposal Tradition
  10. The Wedding Ring: Everything You Need to Know