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The Irish Jewelry Company is pleased to showcase the whole of our collection of jewelry and Celtic history-focused blogs, all of which have the same educational mission. Read these articles now to learn more about the fascinating history of Celtic jewelry, jewels, and more. Read some articles on the vibrant cultural heritage of the Celtic countries, the preservation of jewelry, and the distinctive contributions made by the Irish and Irish Americans to music, literature, and Celtic mythology.


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  5. Finding Hope and Inspiration in Irish Blessings for Easter
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  7. The Power of Words: How Irish Blessings Uplift the Soul
  8. Sustainable Lab-Grown Diamonds: A Better Choice for Your Wedding Ring
  9. Palm Sunday in Ireland: A Celebration of Faith and Tradition
  10. April Fools' Day in Ireland: A Day of Laughter, Shenanigans, and Foolishness