History of Ireland

The history of Ireland has frequently been overshadowed by war and conflict, beginning with the inter-clan rivalries of the early Celtic kingdoms and continuing through the long struggle for independence from Britain and the subsequent Troubles in Northern Ireland. These wars and conflicts have spanned the entire history of Ireland. Despite this, the history of Ireland contains a great deal more. Because of its druidic oral tradition, Ireland boasts an unrivaled collection of folklore that is the envy of the world. These tales remember mythical heroes like Cuchulainn and the Fionn mac Cumhaill.
  1. Grace O’Malley the 16th Century Pirate Queen of Ireland
  2. The Historical Importance of the Bagpipe in Celtic Culture
  3. Grá Is The Irish Word For Love
  4. The History of the Fenian Claddagh Ring
  5. Authentic Irish Coffee Recipe and History
  6. What Makes Up a Full Irish Breakfast?
  7. How to Pour and Drink a Pint of Guinness
  8. A Brief History of the Aran Islands and Aran Sweater Origins
  9. The Meaning of Mac and Mc in Irish Family Names and Their Origins
  10. A Guide to Celtic Ogham Symbols and Their Meanings