Are you ready to add a touch of Irish flair to your St. Patrick's Day ensemble? Look no further than traditional Irish jewelry! From the classic Celtic cross to the timeless Claddagh ring, these pieces are not only stunning, but they also have strong origins in Irish history and culture. Whether you're planning a local parade or simply want to add a touch of green to your wardrobe, these five classic Irish jewelry items are the perfect way to display your love for the Emerald Isle. So grab a pint of Guinness and let's explore the world of Irish jewelry!

Check Out These 5 Traditional Irish Jewelry Pieces to Wear on St. Patrick's Day

Celtic Cross Necklace

St. Patrick's Day is a day to remember and celebrate Irish history. The Celtic cross necklace, which goes back to the early days of Christianity in Ireland, is one of the most famous pieces of Irish jewelry. The Celtic cross pendant represents the coming together of pagan and Christian ideas, with the circle representing the sun and the cross signifying Christianity. The Irish Jewelry Company has a large selection of Celtic cross necklaces, ranging from classic patterns to more modern interpretations.

The Emerald Claddagh Cross Necklace is one of our most popular Celtic cross necklaces. This gorgeous item includes a Claddagh design in the middle with a brilliant CZ  emerald. It's ideal for adding a touch of class to your St. Patrick's Day ensemble. 

Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh ring, which originated in the little fishing community of Claddagh near Galway City, is another popular item of Irish jewelry. The Claddagh ring symbolizes love, loyalty, and friendship, with the hands symbolizing friendship, the heart symbolizing love, and the crown symbolizing loyalty. The Irish Jewelry Company has a large selection of Claddagh rings, ranging from classic styles to more modern interpretations.

The Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring with Connemara Marble is one of our most popular Claddagh rings. This lovely ring includes a heart-shaped Connemara marble stone, which can only be found in Ireland's Connemara province. It is a unique ring that is ideal for giving your love and loyalty on St. Patrick's Day as well as Valentine's Day.

Trinity Knot Earrings

Another famous symbol in Irish jewelry is the Trinity Knot Earring, which represents the three aspects of the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The knot is thought to symbolize the eternal essence of God's love. The Irish Jewelry Company has a large selection of Trinity Knot earrings, ranging from basic and beautiful to complicated designs.

The Shamrock Trinity Knot Earrings are one of our most popular Trinity Knot earrings. These lovely earrings have a delicate Trinity Knot pattern with a shamrock motif. They're ideal for bringing a touch of Irish charm to your St. Patrick's Day ensemble.

Shamrock Pendant

The shamrock is a well-known Irish emblem, signifying the Holy Trinity and the three clover leaves, which symbolize faith, hope, and love. The Irish Jewelry Company has a large selection of shamrock pendants, ranging from basic and subtle to complex designs.

Our Irish Devil Shamrock Necklace is a playful celebration of every Irish woman's harmless mischievous side. This typical shamrock in vivid emerald green with devil horns and a curled pointed tail produces a stunning and eye-catching design worthy of the name Irish. You admire her, whether she's been wicked or wonderful, and she's sure to appreciate this stunning Lil' Irish Devil pendant! It is the ideal accessory for adding a dash of glitz to your St. Patrick's Day ensemble.

Ogham Pendant

Ogham is an ancient Irish script that was employed between the fourth and seventh centuries. It is said to have been employed for carving inscriptions on stones and trees, and it is thought to be one of the oldest forms of Irish writing. At The Irish Jewelry Company, we have a selection of Ogham pendants, each with its own inscription.

Our Ogham Grá Love pendant is a wonderful example of Ireland's ancient past meeting its modern present. The Silver Ogham Pendant with the word "love" written in Ogham script is one of our most popular Ogham pendants. This lovely pendant is the ideal way to express your love and appreciation on St. Patrick's Day.

Finally, Irish jewelry is a fantastic way to demonstrate your love and gratitude for the Emerald Isle while celebrating your Irish history. The Irish Jewelry Company has a large selection of traditional Irish jewelry.