Irish jewelry is steeped in Irish tradition and Celtic symbolism. It is full of mysticism and deep spiritual meaning, representing love, life cycles, and faith.  Irish symbols in Irish jewelry can be traced back directly to folklore told through the centuries and ancient Celtic manuscript drawings. The popularity of Irish jewelry around the world has really taken off in recent years as many people took an interest in the deeper meaning of talismans, objects of faith, and symbols of life.  Irish jewelry is not just for the Irish anymore.

Because of its rich history and culture, Ireland has served as home for a number of different civilizations over the course of thousands of years. Some of these Celtic symbols have even made their way into the national lexicon of Ireland. It shouldn't come as a surprise that Celtic symbols and the meanings they represent are deeply ingrained in Irish history and culture.

Did you realize, however, that these Irish symbols really have far deeper and more unexpected meanings?

Throughout this article, you will come across the following Celtic symbols:


The Celtic Tree of Life

The Celtic Tree of Life meaning varies. The tree of life in its purest form represents rebirth. It is one of the most popular meanings for the Tree of Life.  The belief stems from the theory that trees experience renewal throughout the changing of the seasons. Its leaves fall in autumn and regrow in spring is symbolic of rebirth. Another meaning of the Celtic Tree of Life is that it is also a symbol of wisdom and strength. The most sacred of trees was the oak, called ‘daur’ in Celtic.  It is where the modern word ‘door’ is derived. So, the oak tree literally would have been the door to the other world.

Celtic Cross

The Celtic cross is a cross with equal rays, enclosed in a circle. The rays can slightly protrude outside the circle. Although this form of the cross, the Celtic cross is inherent in many ancient peoples, including the Slavs, the cross in a circle is firmly established in the minds of people as Celtic.

The Christian interpretation of the cross is simple: the circle means eternity and union, and the cross itself means love and sacrifice. It is difficult to say how the ancient Celts themselves interpreted this symbol: there is no information about this. But historians suggest that the cross as understood by the ancient Celts could symbolize fertility, abundance, and protection. It is also called the solar symbol because its facets suggest the unity of earth, air, sun, and water.

Nowadays, the  Celtic cross is worn by both Christians and pagans: it is not tied to a particular religion, and different denominations perceive it as a symbol of their spiritual views.

Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh Ring is a legendary jewelry item that epitomizes timeless values. The legacy design cues hands on either side of a heart and a crown on top. The classic Claddagh ring shows the wearer’s family situation. Thus, a heart looking out the fingertips means you are single, whereas this element pointing towards the wrist means that the owner is taken. The Claddagh ring symbolizes friendship, love, and loyalty.

Today, this ring and claddaghs, in general, have a huge number of design variations, but the main three elements have remained intact. Claddagh jewelry items are usually presented to a loved one as a symbol of love, companionship, or as a Claddagh engagement ring.

Trinity Knot also Known as the Irish Love Knot  

The Celtic love knot is a modern-day Irish tradition. Also known as the trinity knot, it is a religious symbol with both pagan and Christians heritage. In Celtic mythology, knots especially Celtic love knots symbolize the sacred geometry of the universe and being. It is customary to give a loved one a gift with the trinity knot, or Irish Love Knot,  like a necklace or ring, to embody feelings of love.

Celtic Sisters Knot

The Celtic Sisters Knot is a symbol of sisterhood and the strong, eternal bond we share with our sisters and friends. … The stylized triquetra or triple spiral, a sister symbol woven within the Celtic Sisters Knot heart symbolizes the three stages of woman.

Where are you and your sisters on the spiral of life? Celebrate the powerful, lifelong bond of friendship between women with a symbol for sisters. One day we will all be in some part of all 3 stages of life. First, is the youth of our childhood. Second, is the mothering spirit of our years. Third, our wisdom that we pass on to the new generation of women. We may not all be related, but we all share a bond of love, compassion, and perseverance. There are few symbols for sisters like the Celtic Sisters Knot that captures the soul and beauty of sisterhood.

The Celtic Mothers Knot also called a Motherhood Knot

The Celtic Mothers Knot or Motherhood Knot is an unassuming stylized holy trinity with a parent and child embrace that is representative of the Madonna and child. Combined with a Celtic trinity knot it is a true testament to the enduring bond between a mother, her child, faith, and their Celtic heritage. The Celtic Mothers Knot Necklace is a brilliant gift for any mom or mother-to-be. “Grá Máthair” translated from Gaelic means “A mother’s love”.