There is no better way to show your appreciation for someone of Irish heritage than by presenting them with a stunning piece of Celtic jewelry. presents that will be cherished for the rest of one’s life.

There is no better way to show your appreciation for someone of Irish heritage than by presenting them with a stunning piece of Celtic jewelry. presents that will be cherished for the rest of one’s life. We have a diverse assortment of genuine Irish souvenirs and Irish gifts.

What is Ireland well known for?

Ireland is well-known all over the world for its breathtaking scenery, which includes both the land and the water. Ireland, often known as the Isle of Emerald, is home to bustling cities that are nestled between picturesque coves and towering cliffs. Ireland is the place where delicious Irish homestyle meals can be found side by side with quaint pubs, pints of Guinness, and shots of Irish Whiskey. But if there is one thing that Ireland is most famous for, it would have to be its jewelry. A piece of Irish jewelry with Celtic designs brought all the way from the Emerald Isle, is a present that is certainly something to be held.

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Connemara Marble Jewelry

Without a piece of jewelry made from Connemara marble, no must-have list of Irish jewelry could ever be considered complete. Both the Connemara marble claddagh ring and the Connemara marble tree of life ring that we carry are true works of art in their own categories. Connemara marble, an antique gemstone that was mined in Ireland, is included in two of our most popular rings. It took 900 million years for this to form, and no two pieces are exactly the same. The striking green marble stone that was sourced from the very core of Connemara serves as the focal point of this lovely ring. The band contains a motif that is reminiscent of a Celtic knot that has been expertly crafted. Stunning work of craftsmanship using sterling silver. Authentic Connemara Marble Jewelry of Galway are an Irish gift to be treasured.

Crawlers & Interchangeable Earrings

Ear climbers, also known as crawler earrings, know how to make a statement. These modern, expressive earring shapes start at the bottom and curve up your ear in an addictive pattern, giving the illusion of numerous earrings at once. Our interchangeable earring studs and jackets may be combined and matched and worn in a variety of ways. They’re the ideal mix of fashionable style and edgy designs. Our Celtic Crawlers and Interchangeable Earrings are glitzy, dramatic, and stunning.

Stackable Rings

Beautiful, handmade stack-able Celtic rings inspired by the heritage, history, and culture of Ireland. Create a perfect layered look with stacking rings from The Irish Jewelry Company. Stackable rings make an eclectic look by wearing several rings at once including our Claddagh Stackable Ring Sets.

Irish Proverb Affirmation Bracelets

Our Irish Proverb Affirmation Bracelets are inspirational. Live the Celtic life you have created. Live the life you love, and inspire the relationships and friendships that you cherish. Do what you are passionate about and practice what you preach. The life of the Irish is to be enjoyed, not endured. And these truthful short and pithy Irish sayings are the proof. So, follow your Celtic spirit and dreams, be open to new beginnings, and live life the way you love.

These Irish Proverb Affirmation Bracelets fit very nicely together or separate to add a sense of purpose and truth to your ensemble. Stacked or solo, these bracelets ensure seamless Celtic style.

Sláinte Bar Necklace

Fun and flirty this Slainte Bar Necklace is the perfect piece to wear out to the beach or the summer bar scene. Sláinte is an Irish toast meaning “health”. It's the perfect conversation starter. Our Sláinte Necklace will do any Irish Lass proud with its shamrock accent charm. The Sláinte Necklace or Bar Necklace is a celebrity-inspired and approved trend that’s sure to go with any style.


Our Irish Monogram Pendant is one of the hottest fashion trends among celebrities. What Irish lass wouldn’t appreciate this clever monogram-style Irish necklace. Expertly crafted in sleek sterling silver, this design spells out the word “IRISH” in a scrolling script font. Flowing flourishes add flair and panache to this enchanting design. Polished to a brilliant shine, this monogram suspends beautifully from a sterling silver chain.

Celtic Dragonfly Earrings

Our Celtic Dragonfly Earrings are a brilliant totem that channels the wisdom of metamorphosis and adaptability in life. The dragonfly symbolizes the change in self-realization, emotional maturity, and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.

Ireland Latitude Longitude Bar Bracelet

Our Ireland Latitude Longitude Bar Bracelet has the engraved coordinates of Ireland. That magical place is known worldwide whose name means Land of the Goddess Eriu also called Eire. Ireland, that beautiful place of your childhood home, a summertime adventure, or that land of your dreams you may never have seen or may never see again but cannot forget. The Ireland Latitude Longitude Bar Bracelet will help to keep you grounded in the magic that is Ireland.

Celtic Compass Amulet Pendant

Summer is all about traveling and adventures on the journey of life. What better way to express your free spirit them wearing a Celtic Compass Amulet Pendant. Our Celtic Compass Pendant is a symbol of guidance and direction that embodies the passion of the present. If far away from family and friends, facing life’s challenges let this talisman guide you letting your courage and strength show you the path. Life is an adventure, when you walk, dream, and achieve your goals, this compass will remind you to enjoy the journey. The perfect birthday and graduation gift.


Perfect for those hot summer nights gazing under the stars. Our Diamond Celtic Moon Pendant sparkles in the night sky. The Celtic crescent moon is a symbol of the ever-changing and recurring cycle of life. Lover her to the moon and back with this beautiful Diamond Celtic Moon Pendant.