Over the ages, so many blessings have evolved that there is now an Irish blessing for practically every life event. Most Irish blessings have a basic theme of finding the bright side of a terrible circumstance or enjoying the greatest elements of a joyful one. Today, everyone understands the benefits of having a good mentality for our mental and physical health. Many of these Irish blessings, we believe, were done this far before their time. We found some of the most beautiful, hilarious, and inspirational Irish blessings and sayings. We really hope you like them!!!

Irish Blessing for Saint Patrick's Day

May the leprechauns be near you,
To spread luck along your way.
And may all the Irish angels,
Smile upon you on St. Patrick's Day.


May your thoughts be as glad as the shamrocks. May your heart be as light as a song. May each day bring you bright, happy hours that stay with you all the year long.

May your troubles be less and your blessings be more. And nothing but happiness come through your door.

May St. Patrick guard you wherever you go, and guide you in whatever you do – and may his loving protection be a blessing to you always.

May the strength of God pilot us, May the wisdom of God instruct us. May the hand of God protect us, May the word of God direct us. May thy Salvation, O Lord, be always ours this day and for evermore. Amen.

Gaelic is a rich language, offering many different ways to wish someone a Happy St Patrick's Day. My favorite is the traditional Irish greeting: “Beannachtaí na Féile Padraig Ort”. This literally translates to Blessings of Patrick's Festival Upon You.

Irish Sayings for Saint Patrick's Day

Oh, Paddy, dear, an did ye hear the news that's goin round?
The shamrock is forbid by law to grow on Irish ground!
No more St. Patrick's Day we'll keep, his color can't be seen,
For there's a cruel law agin' the Wearin' o' the green.

Irish Toasts for St. Patrick's Day

Here is a toast to a long life and a journey as wonderful as you are. Have a Happy St. Patrick's feast!

Here's to you and yours and to mine and ours. And if mine and ours ever come across to you and yours, I hope you and yours will do as much for mine and ours as mine and ours have done for you and yours!

Here's to me, and here's to you. And here's to love and laughter. I'll be true as long as you. And not one moment after.


St. Patrick's Day Quotes

1. "Everybody is Irish on St. Patrick's Day, but if your name is Eisenhower, you've got to wear something green to show it." —Dwight D. Eisenhower

2. "Top of the morning to ye!"

3. "Slainte!"

4. "May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow, and may trouble avoid you wherever you go."

5. "Whether it's St. Patrick's Day or not, everyone has a little luck o' the Irish in them." —Laura Sommers

6. "Wherever you go and whatever you do, may the luck of the Irish be there with you."

7. "Never iron a four-leaf clover, because you don't want to press your luck."

8. "Here's to good Irish friends—never above you, never below you, always beside you."

9. "May the luck of the Irish enfold you. May the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you."


  • 1.1 “Top o the mornin to ya!”
  • 1.2 “And the rest of the day to yourself”.
  • 1.3 “To be sure, to be sure”.
  • 1.4 “a pint of the black stuff”
  • 1.5 “He's talking a load of Blarney”