The legend of the Mystical Celtic Cat ....

There is a legendary group of enchanted cats, known as "fairy cats," who are mentioned in Celtic culture. They are often referred to as the cait sith in Scotland. They are known as cait sidhe in the Irish language. They are both pronounced "caught shee," regardless of whether they are Gaelic or Scotch Gaelic. The cait sidhe are not your typical cats; rather, they are believed to as fairies, witches, and spirit entities that just assume the appearance of a cat. They are also known as the "cat people." People who have seen them have described them as being very huge cats that are all black except for a patch of white hair on their chests. The cait sidhe has a reputation for being a terrifying creature, and Celtic warriors often adopted it as a symbol.

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Our Celtic Cat Pendant is absolutely purrrr-fect! This beautiful diamond-accented Celtic Cat Pendant with black enamel pays tribute to the cait sidhe. The cait sidhe is a mythical fairy creature in Scottish and Irish folklore. It's a beautiful piece of Celtic Cat jewelry.



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