To say that there are plenty of superstitions and myths surrounding the Claddagh ring is an understatement. Throughout the past 15 years as the leading Claddagh Ring jeweler online we have heard every question about the Claddagh ring meaning from our customers. We at The Irish Jewelry Company have compiled the top questions asked about the Claddagh and how to wear the Claddagh ring.

So if you are curious about the origins of the Claddagh, its traditions and superstitions then by all means please read on.

Were Did the Claddagh Originate?

The Claddagh Ring legend originated in the West of Ireland in a tiny fishing village named Claddagh in County Galway.

The name of the town "Claddagh" is actually the anglicized Gaelic, or Irish, for 'Cladach"which means in Irish "seashore" Completely appropriate for a beautiful fishing village on the coast of Ireland.

Legends says the first Claddagh was given as a wedding ring the Claddagh ring can be given to anyone for multiple reason both sentimental and romantic.

What is the significance of a Claddagh Ring?

The Claddagh ring tradition hold great significance to the Irish culture. The Claddagh is a symbol of friendship, love and loyalty. It has become synonymous with Ireland and demonstrates the romantic side of the Irish people.

Can a non Irish person wear a Claddagh Ring?

You don't have to be Irish to wear a Claddagh ring. We have thousands of diverse customers from around the world who have happily purchased Claddaghs. The symbolism of the Claddagh meaning of friendship, love and loyalty brings happiness and joy to the recipient that transcends the world.

Can you Wear a Claddagh Ring if You Are Single?

Yes , you can absolutely wear an Irish Claddagh ring if you are single. The "rule" on how to wear a Claddagh ring clearly demonstrates a way to wear your Claddagh ring to represent your relationship status as single. Its like subtle sign to any would be suitors that says I'm available. So whether your Claddagh was a self purchase, given as a gift by a close friend or family member, the way you wear it is ultimately up to you .Just enjoy your Claddagh ring.

Is it bad luck to buy yourself a Claddagh Ring?

It is in no way bad luck to buy yourself a Claddagh ring. Not at all! People often choose to purchase Claddagh rings for themselves while on vacation especially visiting Ireland. We have even had customers purchase one like setting goal and a reminder that they hope to visit Ireland one day. Many customers purchase Claddagh rings as a symbol of Irish pride and heritage.