The trinity knot is the simplest of Celtic Knots representing a triune God. The Celts believed that the trinity or the number three was special, everything came in three. The three stages of womanhood, are maid, mother, and crone. The three elements are earth, fire, and water. in order to make a spiritual connection with the Celts Christianity also embraced this trinity knot to symbolize the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. In modern times the Trinity knot is now interpreted as the Irish love knot. The trinity knot's interlaced and unbroken lines symbolize spiritual growth, eternal life, and undying love.

What is the meaning of the Celtic love knot also called the trinity knot?

The Celtic love knot is a modern-day Irish tradition. Also, known as the trinity knot, it is a religious symbol with both pagan and Christian heritage. In Celtic mythology, knots especially Celtic love knots symbolize the sacred geometry of the universe and being. It is customary to give a loved one a gift with the trinity knot, or Celtic Love Knot,  like a necklace or ring, to embody feelings of love.