An Irish promise ring or poesy ring is given to symbolize love, faith and commitment. A promise ring is usually worn on the ring finger of the left hand. This Irish promise ring or "poesy ring" is truly a tribute to the expressive and passionate Irish spirit. So pledge your love the Irish way with a promise ring!

The tradition of the promise ring or poesy ring began around the 16th and 17th century in England and Europe. A "posie" was a common short poem or inscription on a piece of jewelry. A ring inscribed with or inspired by a sentiment of love, faith and hope became known as a "posey ring" or promise ring. The poesy ring gained immense popularity due to it's numerous mentions in Shakespeare's plays.

The traditional Irish Claddagh ring is a type of Irish promise ring and is a symbol of friendship, love and loyalty. The hands of the claddagh ring stand for friendship. The heart of the claddagh ring stands for love and the crown is a symbol of loyalty.

The Claddagh Ring or Claddagh promise ring has been worn since Roman times! The beautiful meaning of the claddagh ring has made the claddagh ring a celebrated romantic gift for people of all nationalities. But none can argue that the claddagh ring holds a rather special meaning to those romantics of Irish heritage.

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