The Celts celebrated Halloween as Samhain, "All Hallowtide"– the ‘Feast of the Dead’,  when the dead revisited the mortal world. The celebration marked the end of Summer and the start of the Winter months. During the eighth century the Catholic Church designated the first day of November as "All Saints Day"("All Hallows") a day of commemoration for those Saints that did not have a specific day of remembrance. The night before was known as "All Hallows Eve" which, over time, became known as Halloween.

A Samhain Blessing:

At all Hallow's Tide, may God keep you safe

From goblin and pooka and black-hearted stranger,

From harm of the water and hurt of the fire,

From thorns of the bramble, from all other danger,

From Will O' The Wisp haunting the mire;

From stumbles and tumbles and tricksters to vex you,

May God in His mercy, this week protect you.

By pumpkin light,

On this witch's night,

I bring to thee good tidings

for a happy start to

Your New Year.

Samhain blessings!

Samhain Spell and Blessing