Aran Irish Jewelry Collection is a symbol of Irish heritage.

The Aran sweater inspired the Aran Jewelry Collection as a symbol of Irish heritage and traditional Irish customs. Our Aran Irish jewelry collection is inspired by the Aran sweater weaving traditions and spinning tales connecting families for generations. Browse Aran Jewelry designs Inspired by the Aran Sweater & Islands.

The Aran Knit takes its name from the set of islands where it originated many generations ago, off the West coast of Ireland. The Aran Islands are at the mouth of Galway Bayin the Atlantic Sea. The home of fishermen and farmers the Aran Sweater was from a seafaring heritage, passed down from generation to generation, and is an important symbol of Irish family heritage.

Aran Sweater Origins

The origins of the Aran knit are uniquely related to the Irish clans and their identities. The intricate pattern of knots and stitches seen on the aran knit are unique to each familty and were used to identify a clan or town. They can hold vast amounts of information to those who know how to interpret them. Aran knit sweaters were, and still are a reflection of the lives of the talented knitters and their Irish families.