Consumers often asked what is the average, or normal ring size for a woman. I guess this is because men most often are the purchasers of rings for their partners. Especially when purchasing engagement rings and Celtic wedding band sets. Typically your engagement and wedding rings will likely become the most frequently worn rings in your life, so getting the right fit is paramount. Jewelers may see a huge diversity of sizes in orders from customers around the world. However typically in the US that the average ring size for women is Size 7 and the average ring size for men is Size 10.

The Average Ring Size for Men is Size 10

"In my years of experience designing jewelry I find most common men's ring sizes will vary from 9 to 12 but hover closer to size 10 the average ring size for men," says Jennifer Derrig, the founder and designer of Celtic Wedding Band Collection by The Irish Jewelry Company. Size 10 is what she stocks as the average ring size for men. Men's wedding rings tend to be wider than women's around 5mm to 8mm on average. Therefore, when purchasing a wider wedding band like a men's wedding ring sometimes the customer will need a larger size to enable them to easily get the ring on and off each day.

The Average Ring size for Women is a Size 7

The average size ring for a woman is a size seven. Depending on customers' lifestyles, and life experiences I personally find that most women tend to fluctuate in weight and ring size. Fingers can also swell in warm weather so keep that in mind when sizing your finger. I always recommend taking your favorite ring with you to the jeweler so they determine your size, proportions, and the comfort and fit you are looking for Celtic wedding bands or Claddagh engagement ring. And remember a wider band will always fit a little tighter and snugger.

Can You Guess a Ring Size by Height or Weight?

Unfortunately, no, not really. Hands just like people vary in shape and size and in different climates. Even your own ring size can even fluctuate depending on what hand you measure, the temperature outside, the time of day, etc. And then there is the obvious cause of ring size fluctuation loss or gain of weight! It is helpful to know what the average ring size you wear is when sizing for yourself.

Ring Size Chart: International Ring Size Conversation Chart

Other Factors to Consider When Determining a Ring Size

The overall shape of the ring figure is a big factor to consider. The shape of a finger plays a critical role in choosing a ring size and it is even important when factoring the size and the shape of your diamond for engagement rings. When sizing, it is crucial to size your ring based on your knuckle size. Basically, if you have large knuckles, you’ll need a ring to comfortably slide over your knuckle without any issue and be snug enough that it never falls off during normal wear. For long, slender fingers, a wider wedding band might ensure that you have a snug-fitting ring.

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