August, the month of golden sunshine, brings with it a radiant gemstonethe Peridot. So What is the birthstone for August? Known as the August birthstone, Peridot has captivated hearts for centuries with its enchanting allure and storied history. At The Irish Jewelry Company, we take pride in offering a mesmerizing collection of August birthstone jewelry, expertly crafted to honor the significance and meaning behind this captivating gem. Let’s delve into the captivating world of Peridot and explore our exquisite August birthstone jewelry collection.

The Allure of Peridot Gemstone

As the August gemstone, Peridot holds a special place in the hearts of those born in this sunny month. Its vibrant green hue, reminiscent of fresh summer foliage, evokes feelings of vitality, joy, and renewal. Known as the “Gem of the Sun,” Peridot is believed to have been formed from the tears of the volcanic goddess Pele, as she wept with joy upon creating the Hawaiian islands.

Unraveling the Birthstone History and Meaning

Peridot’s history dates back thousands of years, with ancient civilizations cherishing its beauty and mystical properties. In Egyptian lore, Peridot was referred to as the “gem of the sun” and was believed to ward off evil spirits. Romans adorned themselves with Peridot jewelry to bring good luck and protection. In medieval times, Peridot was associated with healing and enlightenment.

Peridot Jewelry: A Testament to Timeless Elegance

At The Irish Jewelry Company, we celebrate the allure of Peridot with an exquisite selection of birthstone jewelry, expertly crafted to showcase the gem’s natural beauty. Our Peridot rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings feature elegant designs that pay homage to the gem’s storied past. Each piece is meticulously crafted to exude both classic elegance and contemporary appeal, making it the perfect accessory for any occasion.

Embracing the Symbolism of Peridot

Beyond its aesthetic beauty, Peridot carries profound symbolism. Associated with abundance and prosperity, this gemstone is believed to bring good fortune and success to its wearer. The August birthstone green color is also associated with growth, renewal, and a connection to nature, making it a symbol of harmony and balance.

The Origin of Our August Birthstone Jewelry Collection

Our August birthstone jewelry collection showcases the beauty and significance of Peridot in various Celtic-inspired designs. From August Birthstone Claddagh rings adorned with Peridot to Trinity knot necklaces and Celtic earrings featuring the gem, each piece embodies the rich heritage of Ireland and the timeless allure of Peridot.

The Benefits of Wearing Peridot

In addition to its symbolic meaning, Peridot is believed to have healing properties that promote emotional well-being and physical vitality. It is said to alleviate stress, cleanse negative energies, and foster inner peace.

Embrace the Magic of Peridot Birthstone Necklace

Among our stunning collections, our Peridot birthstone necklaces stand out as exquisite and meaningful gifts. The Peridot gem, delicately set in finely crafted designs, rests elegantly on the wearer’s neckline, radiating the gem’s captivating essence.

Explore the Birthstone Jewelry Collection

Delve into the magic of Peridot with our exclusive August birthstone jewelry collection. Each piece tells a story of ancient folklore and modern elegance, making it a cherished keepsake or a thoughtful gift for those celebrating their August birthday.


Celebrate the radiant beauty and meaning of Peridot with our enchanting August birthstone jewelry collection. Crafted with care and inspired by Irish heritage, each piece is a testament to the timeless allure of this captivating gemstone. Explore The Irish Jewelry Company’s collection and discover the perfect Peridot jewelry to add a touch of elegance and prosperity to your jewelry collection or delight someone special with a meaningful August birthstone gift.