What is the Meaning of Celtic Jewelry?

Celtic Jewelry from The Irish Jewelry Company

What is the Meaning of Celtic Jewelry

 Celtic Knots in Celtic Jewelryare complex and intricate. The meaning of Celtic Jewelry and symbols are steeped in ancient Celtic tradition, history and culture from the Celtic Nations. The Celtic Nations are Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man, Cornwall and Brittany. Each has it's own meaning of Celtic Jewelry.

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What Celtic Knots Mean in Celtic Jewelry?

Celtic knots were stylized knots used by the Celts for decoration and later used in manuscripts. They are complex and intricate. What Celtic Knots Mean is interpretive. It is an endless Celtic Knot with no specific religious meaning or philosophy other than intricacy of humanity and nature.

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What is the Celtic Knot for Family?

 The Celtic Family Knot is a strong and enternal bond woven like the tight bonds that bind family together. The Celtic Knot for Family is a stunning reminder of the beauty of Celtic Family love.

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What is the Celtic Family Knot?

 The Celtic Family Knot is as Celtic Jewelrya symbol of unity and endless family love. The Celtic Family Knot is a strong knot enternal like the bonds that bind a family together. Each weave of the Celtic knot represents a family member.

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Is the Celtic Knot Irish or Scottish?

 TheCeltic Knotsin Celtic Jewelry originated among the Celtic Nations of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany and Cornwalll. The Celtic Knot is a symbol of hertage pride for those with Irish or Scottish hertage including British and Welsh.

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What does the Trinity Knot stand for?

Like a three leafed shamrock the Trinity Knot or Triquetra(a three pointed knot) used to represent the Holy Trinity. The Father, Son and Holy spirit. The Trinity Knots in Celtic Jewelry is also called the Irish Love Knot. The Trinity Knotis also a symbol of the three stages of life. 

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What does the Irish Celtic Knot Mean?

A Trinity Knot is an Irish Celtic Knot. The Irish Celtic Knot called a Trinity Knot with it's three points was used by the Chistian to teach the Holy Trinity in the Celtic Christian church. 

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What is the Celtic Knot for Love?

The Celtic Knot for Love is simply called theCeltic Love Knotor the Trinity Knot. It is a three pointed Celtic knot once used to represent the Holy Trinity. In mordern times it has become known as the Celtic Love Knotor the Irish Love Knot. A symbol of eternal Celtic Love.

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What are the types of Celtic Knots?

Each Celtic Knotcan be a special and unique symbol ofCeltic tradition and sentiment. There are many types of Celtic Knots and Celtic Knot Jewelry. We carry a large variety of Celtic Knot Jewelrytypes.

  1. Celtic Mothers Knot
  2. Friendship Knot
  3. Trinity Knot
  4. Celtic Sisters Knot
  5. Celtic Lover Knot
  6. Celtic Family Knot
  7. Celtic Couples Knot
  8. Eternitiy Knot
  9. Celtic Knot Cross
  10. Trinity Knot Claddagh
  11. Infinity Knot
  12. Thistle Love Knot


What is a Celtic Mothers Knot?

The Celic Mothers Knot is unassuming stylized holy trinity with a parent and child embrace is representative of the Madonna and child. Combined with a Celtic trinity knot it is a true testament to the enduring bond between a mother, her child, faith and their Celtic heritage. The Celtic Motherhood Knot Meaningis one of pure motherly love between mother and child.

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What does the Celtic Friendship Knot Mean?

Celtic Friendship Knotis a magnificent tribute to the spirit of true friendship. With it's intertwined endless lines the Celtic Friendship Knot represents the relentless bond between kindred souls. For true friendship knows no barriers and no end. A spiritual bond forever growing separately but never apart.

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What is the meaning of the Trinity Knot?

The Trinity Knot is also called the Triquetra and is one of the best known symbols in Celtic culture. The Celtic Christian church used Trinity Knot to represent the Holy Trinity, but other cultures used the symbol and each attached its own meaning to it.

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What is the meaning behind the Trinity Ring?

The Trinity Ring has three interwined rings like the Trinity Knot has three rings or points. Three is a scared number to the Celts. The Celts believed when people form a deep bond that their souls would be intertwined in a lasting bond. This bond can be represented in the Trinity Ring band inscribed with the Gaelic phrase Mo Anam Cara.

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What is the Celtic Sisters Knot?

The Celtic Sisters Knotis a symbol of sisterhood. A strong, eternal bond we share with our sisters and friends. The intricate Celtic Sisters Knot heart is an unbroken line symbolic of an everlasting love. The stylized triquetra or triple spiral, woven within the Sisters Knot symbolizes the three stages of woman. The three stages of woman are maid, mother and wise woman.

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What is the meaning of the Celtic Lover Knot?

The Celtic Love Knotis a modern-day Irish tradition. The Celtic Love Knotis also know as the trinity knot.IA religious symbol with both pagan and Christians heritage. In Celtic mythology, knots symbolize the sacred geometry of the universe and being. It is customary to give a loved one a Celtic Love Knotlike a necklace or ring, to embody feelings of love.

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Is there a Celtic symbol for family?

The Celtic symbol for family is called the Celtic Family Knot. A Celtic Family Knot is a stunning reminder of the beauty of family love. Celtic knots are a symbol of eternal and strong like the bond that holds a family together.

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What is the Celtic knot for family?

Our Celtic Family Knot represents the strong family bond. This originalCeltic Family Knotdesign is great for all moms and is a symbol of family love.

What is the meaning of the Celtic Family Knot?

The Celtic Family Knot is a reminder of the beauty of family love. Celtic knots are eternal and strong like the bond that holds a family together. The Celtic Family Knot Pendantis a keepsake that will be cherished. Whether you are a single parent with one child or a couple with starting a family this Celtic Knot Familyof Two Pendant is perfect.

What is the Celtic Couples symbol?

TheCeltic symbol for couplesis the Celtic Couples Knot. Our Celtic Couples Knot Jewelry Collection pledges your eternal love with this woven Celtic knot. Like true love theCeltic Couples Knotis a symbolthat has no ending.

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What is a Celtic Eternitiy Knot?

The Celtic eternity knot an ancient Celtic symbol of an interwoven spiritual path, endless love and friendship. The eternity knot is a symmetrical knot that ties into its self without a visible beginning or end. The saying, "tying the knot" means to get married or engaged originates from the ancient Celtic custom of hand-fasting.

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Celtic Knot Cross
Trinity Knot Claddagh
Infinity Knot
Thistle Love Knot