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The Celtic Wave Necklace is stoked. Crossing deep rivers on a spiritual trip was referred to be an Imramma by the Celts. Inspired by the story of the Ninth Wave, a soul's journey back to its divine nature. This wonderful Celtic wave Necklace was inspired by such journeys, the elements, and the natural environment we all inhabit.  The waves represent faith, hope, and joy even in the deepest of troubles. 

What is an Imramma?

An Imramma was what the Celts called a journey across rough waters on a spiritual quest. a spiritual journey that leads one to their divine self. This magnificent necklet's style was inspired by such journeys, the elements, and the natural environment that we all inhabit.

What is the ninth wave's cultural significance?

Irish Mythology's Ninth Wave 

It is an important component in numerous Irish stories and legends, and its significance has been interpreted in a variety of ways throughout the centuries. Others believe it represents the concluding measure of the soul's strength and character. The Ninth Wave is frequently portrayed as a dangerous and formidable natural force, symbolizing the challenges and obstacles one must overcome in life. It has been argued that only the bravest and most resilient individuals can successfully cross its turbulent waters and emerge stronger on the other side.


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  • Celtic Wave Necklace sterling silver, yellow gold plated with blue enamel.
  • The Celtic Wave Necklace is 0.85*0.85 inch.
  • The chain is 18 inches.
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